Playa Francesa

If you crave the feeling of isolation and being in total peace with the world then you need to get yourselves on the ferry from Órzola to La Graciosa. This tiny island was said to be the setting that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’. A trek or local jeep taxi and you can be at Playa Francesa, one of the regions most beautiful beaches.

Playa de Papagayo

Actually not one beach but a series of them. The main Papagayo playa’s the last one you’ll reach before the Punta del Papagayo, travelling east from Playa Blanca. These out-of-the-way beaches are best traveled to on foot or by 4×4 along a dirt track, although a water taxi’s another option.

Pristine waters in sheltered bays and coves provide wonderful locations for swimming. Also some of the best snorkeling experiences on the island.

Playa de Famara

Situated on the northwest of Lanzarote is the beach known as Famara beach with its 5km expanse of golden sand. It is within the Natural Park of the Chinijo Archipelago, between the fishing village of La Caleta de Famara and the base of the impressive cliffs of Famara. Famed for both it’s surfing and the most glorious sunsets with La Graciosa silhouetted on the horizon.

Playa de las Conchas

Another stunning beach on the neighboring island of La Graciosa. Only accessible through a good hike, mountain bike, or renting a local taxi jeep. Often you will have this beach totally for yourselves (often people try naturism her for the first time!). There are spectacular waves which also means swimming here is dangerous. Pack lots of drinking water and embrace one of natures most amazing sites.

Playa La Garita

The village of Arrieta has 400 inhabitants and is set in the northern municipality of Haria, the most traditional area of Lanzarote. Arrieta is the most authentic and prettiest fishing village boasting a beautiful beach called “Playa de La Garita”. The beach has 900m of fine golden sand. There is a restaurant and beach bar and also WC/showers, parking and play park. Great for swimming, body boarding and eating fresh caught seafood.

Playa Chica

Puerto del Carmen’s prettiest beach is always one of its shortest. Aka Pila de la Barrilla, Playa Chica’s most sheltered beach has still crystal clear waters. This makes it popular with snorkellers and divers. It is also next to a small pier from where all kinds of water sports are avaiable from water skying to parascending.

Playa Caletón Blanco

Most visitors miss this treat as they head south to the more populated resort areas. On the north coast there are secluded beaches, untouched white sand areas surrounded by black lava rock. Located along the stretch of road that leads to Orzola is an area as Caletón Blanco Beach. Part of the malpais (badlands) belonging to La Corona volcano, this is Lanzarote in the wild, far away from any developments. Full of natural rock formed pools and coves, ideal for kids not yet swimming.