Cuisine in the Canary Islands and in Lanzarote in particular is rather varied. All types of food are prepared in the Canaries according to traditional recipes which have been handed down for centuries in the Lanzarote kitchen. While fish is the staple of the majority of local dishes, meat is also of importance such as pork accompanied by cheese, vegetables and a great variety of tropical foods. In general, the Canary cuisine is characterized by its wise use of vegetables, meats and a minimum of fatty foods.
The food of the Canary Islands is quite distinct from the Mediterranean diet and has its own style of preparation. Canarians base their cooking on a rural tradition tending toward dishes, as already mentioned, that use local produce, little meat and low fat.
However, fish is the favourite ingredient and is commonly found in many different preparations throughout the island: fried, baked, boiled, salted, etc. It is often served with the traditional sauces called mojo rojo (red sauce, most spicy) and mojo verde (green sauce, milder). Aside from fish, seafood is also a common ingredient in many parts of Lanzarote.

One of the most important native dishes served in the Canaries is the stew called Sancocho. If you like fish, we can assure you that you’ll want to try this combination of sauteed seafood. If you visit Lanzarote, don’t leave without trying it. Another popular dish in Lanzarote is gofio, a treasured legacy left by the aboriginals. It’s made from toasted grain flour, basically wheat or corn, and is of great nutritional value. It can be taken with milk, in fish soup or made into dough with salt and water. It’s a delicacy that’s very healthy and nutritious. Gofio is a dish that has been served throughout the Canaries for many centuries and, of course, in Lanzarote.

Also worth mentioning are the cheeses, several of which are well-known and have received prizes at both national and international competitions. The Canaries produce a great variety of cheeses, some of which have participated and won in some famous international competitions. The Canarians take cheese making very seriously. Of all the meats in the Canaries, goat is by far the most popular. Goat meat can be found wherever you go although each place has it owns way of preparing it. Meat is also used in other dishes like the well seasoned soups. If you like meat, we recommend specialities such as goat or pork, much enjoyed among the Canarians. Potatoes are eaten in every corner of Lanzarote. They’re served in a wide variety of ways, but definitely the most popular is sauteed, baked or boiled with salt and accompanied by mojo. This important local dish is known as papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes). Among the different varieties of potatoes cultivated in Lanzarote there are the red and white as well as others with very particular flavours. Also famous on the island is the batata, another product similar to the potato.