The incredible quality of surf in Lanzarote has earned the island the nickname of “European Hawaii”, with a variety of spots for surfers of all levels. Any time of the year is good for surfing on the island: winter months, especially from September to December, are traditionally favored by experimented surfers as they receive the biggest swells, while in the summer waves tend to be smaller.

In any case, the island’s many spots make it possible to surf great waves all year round and offer good options whatever the swell, wind and tide conditions.

El Quemao

The island’s most famous wave, and one of the world’s most powerful. Very fast and hollow reef break, left and right.

La Santa

La Santa Left: reef break of impressive quality, perfect 364 days of the year, long, hollow and powerful, good for maneuvers and barrels. Left and right.
La Santa Centre: magic reef break, an easy, mellow and long wave that is perfect for manoeuvers and some small barrels. Left.
La Santa Right: reef break, incredibly long and powerful wave that is good for manoeuvres and barrels, can handle very large swells. Right.

Caleta Caballo

The bay of Caleta Caballo offers a variety of reef breaks: two mellow rights, one short and the other longer with some small barrels, and a long mellow left.

San Juan

San Juan has been chosen to host a leg of the world’s championship thanks to its very long left reef break, perfect for manoeuvres and barrels, which connects to a second and third peak on the best days. The beach’s beauty is unspoiled, with a natural pool that is perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Caleta de Famara

El Cagao: short, fast reef break of excellent quality for surfers of all levels. Left and right.
El Muelle: fast and long reef break perfect for barrels and manoeuvres. Left and right.
El Barco: incredibly long and mellow left and right reef breaks, perfect for longboards, stand-up-paddles and beginner surfers starting to ride unbroken waves.
Famara beach: countless left and right, beach and beach/reef breaks for all levels, set in an amazing landscape with the Risco mountain in the background.

Orzola Beach

Another beautiful break located to the extreme north of the island, on a beach adjacent to the small fishermen’s village of Orzola. Long, easy break starting on the reef and ending on the shore.

Jameos del agua

Impressive left reef break with two sections, the first one breaking out to sea and connecting to a second section on big days, to form the longest wave on the island. The second section is perfect for barrels and manoeuvres and breaks in turquoise waters.

La Garita Beach, Arrieta

Numerous short and fast shorebreak peaks set on a beautiful, animated beach with a pier, skate park, beach volley and soccer grounds, a bar and a restaurant.