If you like to get fit with your feet firmly planted on dry land then Lanzarote is the place to be. Breathtaking terrain for all levels awaits you, as does a full calendar of events, from bodega hopping walks and fun run’s to Olympic distance triathlon and Lanzarote’s famous Ironman, there is an event for every level!


Villa Alcalde recommends Blackstone Treks & Tours.

Expert led guided walks, fun, relaxing and inspiring with small groups. Join Blackstone Treks & Tours and discover Lanzarote off the beaten track. Their guided walks programme is designed by walkers, conducted by walkers and aimed at walkers.
In the course of their steady paced guided walks you will have the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island whilst learning about all that Lanzarote has to offer: volcanoes, geology, history, culture, ways of life, fauna & flora.

They are a local company who pride ourselves on offering a personal approach and an attention to detail that is second to none. Blackstone conduct walks in small friendly groups of no more than 8 walkers per guide as they believe that small groups provide you with the best possible experience.

They also love to remain small to control the impact of the activities in such a fragile environment: small groups, small impact!


Most cycling climbs in Lanzarote have a steady gradient and can be done by cyclists of all levels. There are some category 2 climbs that can prove a bit of a challenge, notably Mirador del Rio and Tabayesco. The views at the top of most climbs are absolutely spectacular and leave you with a feeling that all the suffering up hill was worth it.

Whether you prefer organised cycling as part of a group, a private guide, or simply you wish to go it alone, we can help you. We can put you in touch with the right professionals for all levels of support and hire.


Details of Lanzarote cycle climbs can be found HERE.


Lanzarote has wonderful running opportunities for both spectators and participants of all levels from beginner to pro standards.

When you decide your dates for Villa Alcalde we can help you plan, from arranging guides/trainers to equipment hire, event info and registration assistance, you name it we know the best people to speak to, we participate in many events ourselves!

The following websites have further information on forthcoming sporting events in Lanzarote: